Pavel Niederle

Chief Information Officer (CIO), IT director, IS / IT Manager, Chief System Engineer, Software Developer

Specialization IS / IT Management

Bridges the gap between the roles of IT and non-IT world - CEOs, managers and experts to the end users of IT systems. Understands IT, business and users.

IT Management with focus on internal customer (non-IT companies). Building IT department from zero.

Strategic plan, manage, control, supervise and mentor IT teams to support and enhance company mission-critical business operations.

Promote development of processes and systems which continually improve core capabilities.

Promote change or reinforcements of the organization’s values in order to meet business objectives and ensure survival.

Optimization for maximum efficiency.

Personal data


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Auto Moto klub

January 2002 – Present (22 years, 6 months)

Web portals with 1 million visitors / month. It is powered by PHP, MySQL running on unix OS. The MySQL server handle around 2 million SQL queries / hour. Web server handle around 5-6 million page requests / month. It counts together 124 websites, each running separately on own internet domain, database and scripts.

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML, RSS, Apache, nginx, memcache, unix OS, bash scripting, Perl scripting, Adobe Photoshop, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google AdSense.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)


February 2023 – Present (1 years, 5 months)  |  Prague, Czechia

Responsible for the IT of the whole holding. IT director of ZEITGEIST and ZEITRAUM. Headquarters in Czechia (Prague). Covering IT in Central Europe: Czech, Germany, Poland, Italy and Hungary.

IS / IT Manager


January 2005 – October 2011 (6 years, 10 months)  |  Slaný, Czechia

My role was to build IT infrastructure, implement systems to support all company needs, assure security and data backup, ERP system software development. One of the key roles at the beginning was to hire IT specialists and software developers to build a strong team in the newly established IT department. Creation and development of company IT policies and procedures, develop disaster recovery plans. Building and maintaining vendor relationships and managing the purchase of hardware and software products. Initiates and implements improvements in all areas of IT responsibility.

Responsible for IT department / 5 people - system specialists, software & database developers.

Full responsibility for providing IT support across the whole company.

Chief System Engineer


January 2004 – December 2004 (1 year)  |  Slaný, Czechia

Responsible for IT department / 4 people - system specialists and software developers.

Full responsibility for providing IT support across the whole company.

System Engineer


April 2002 – December 2003 (1 year, 9 months)  |  Slaný, Czechia

Responsible for IT department / 2 people - system specialist and software developer.

Full responsibility for providing IT support across the whole company.

Software Developer

1stOmni, s.r.o.

2001 – March 2002 (> 1 year)  |  Prague, Czechia

Development of web and intranet applications, database modeling, development and optimizations. Development of server side and client side frameworks. Cross-browser web design and client side scripting compatibility optimizations. Unix and Windows web servers environments.

Technologies: PHP, ASP, HTML, DHTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ActiveX, JavaScript, Microsoft IIS, Apache, Adobe Photoshop, unix OS, ErWin.

Software Developer

Unicorn, a.s.

2000 – 2001 (> 1 year)  |  Prague, Czechia

Development of banking software. Software development, client / server software development, visual object programming, web and intranet applications development. SQL databases development. UML modeling. Database modeling. Migration of Oracle PL/SQL to the Microsoft SQL Transact-SQL. Internal (employees) and external (customers) mentor.

Technologies: Sybase Power Builder, Oracle + PL/SQL, MS SQL Server + Transact-SQL, MS Visual Studio, ActiveX, ASP + VBScript, UML (Rational Rose), XML, IIS, Sybase Power Designer, ClearCase, MS Visual SourceSafe.

Software Developer

Soft Case, s.r.o.

1998 - 1999 (2 years)  |  Prague, Czechia

Development of banking software used by banks and brokers for online trading on the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE). I participated on development and improvements of the existing software. Software implementation and customers support.

New Accounting system “KAP” development - my responsibility was to develop a brand new simple accounting software which was used at first as an internal company software. Later I enhanced the software to the double-entry bookkeeping system. It included Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, General ledger, Cash book, Billing and Reporting modules.

Technologies: Sybase SQL Server Anywhere / Enterprise, Sybase Power Builder, Win32 API.

Major customers: Citi Bank, ING bank, Societe Generale, Raiffeisen, Interbanka, Erste bank, Commerz bank, Deutsche bank, Živnostenská banka, Credit Suisse First Boston, Global brokers, Pragobanka

Software Developer

Programming as a hobby

1987 - 1997 (11 years)  |  Prague, Czechia

Programing during studies, mainly as a hobby. I developed from text adventure games to graphical games in Basic and Turbo Pascal. I also developed fully in pure Assembler an equivalent of Norton Commander (using direct BIOS calls, MS-DOS filesystem services, etc).

Sample game (Advoka):

Technologies: Assembler (Zilog Z80A, Intel 80x86, 8051), Basic, Turbo pascal + inline assembler

First computer: Sharp MZ-821

Skills : Management

IT department management

Manage IT teams to fulfill the key services provided by IT department as: supervise techniques of assuring company data security, enterprise data backup system, high availability and clustering systems, SW licence management, end user support, software and database development, implementation of new SW and HW, preparation of procedures, local area network and wireless inftrastructure development, telephony system, contracting suppliers and outsourcing, preparing disaster recovery plans, research and implement new technologies. Responsibility for successful projects delivery and quality assurance of the project, controlling timelines and budgets.

10 years of working experience at the IT department manager position as a part of top management. Building IT department from zero. Hiring specialists, mentoring. Budget preparation. Strategic direction and planning. Manage software development and deployment. Initiates and implements improvements in all areas of IT responsibility. Leadership of implementation and support team and software development team. Fully responsible for all IT areas.

Manage strategic planning of company future IT infrastructure development and IT people resources, fiscal IT department budget and fiscal business plan preparation.

Manage, direct, supervise and mentor diverse IT teams (software development team and security management & SW / HW implementations team.

Broad and detailed knowledge of various areas of IT Infrastructure development with practical experience of handling large IT setup. Experience providing a vision of the total solution, managing a track of work and defining a comprehensive solution leading toward a common vision.

Direct, manage and plan development of high complexity ERP and EDI systems and strategic integration to company processes and infrastructure.

Accomplish responsibilities by applying principles of Total Quality Management: fostering a team environment; facilitating team work; heightened/constant communications; problem identification and resolution.

Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planning.

Accountable for management of the team which develops and maintain diverse levels of application software, web based applications, server side services and scripting, client / server high load database based critical business systems in diverse operating systems running in the both, native and virtualization environments.

Establishing strong working relationships with technology delivery teams, business and operations partners at all levels of the organization.

Approves training plans for IT teams members.

Update job descriptions and develop selection criteria and interview questions.

Recruit, screen, and interview IT employment candidates.

Identify legal requirements affecting the IT department function. Cooperate with legal specialists to address and respond to legal compliance issues.

Negotiating contracts with IT vendors and oursourcing companies.

As the key IT resource for the organization, exercise a high degree of independence and autonomy in setting the direction for IT developments and overseeing implementation of projects.

Direct effective usage of IT resources through whole the company.

Ensuring resource availability, and removing blockages and conflicts for teams. Managing performance towards strategies and changing through aligning objectives, appraisals and development activities. Setting tasks for teams and individuals which are achievable, yet challenging and motivating. Delegating autonomy and providing support to empower employees to make decisions. Aligning individual aspirations with corporate goals.

Assembling the best resources and people to implement strategy. Identifing and strategically managing key risks. Adapting strategies and decisions based on organisational drivers and their likely impact. Balancing resources across current and future goals and pressures. Taking a long term view of opportunities and assessing the potential long term effects of each decision.

Skills : Implementation & Deployment

BI (Business Intelligence)

Implementation of Oracle BI in automotive industry (mainly factory production data). Implementation of Microsoft Power BI in internation investment company (mainly business analytics, costs / investment / revenues).

EDI systems (Electronic data interchange)

Automotive industry UN/EDIFACT (EDI messages DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, APERAK, ORDERS, RECADV), AS/2, EDI VAN operator (value added network) EDI-box, EDIINT/AS2, OFTP, XML, web-EDI, Aimtec DCI+, Galia/Odette, barcode labeling, ERP interfaces

ERP system (Enterprise resource planning)

SW development, deployment, implementation of ERP system in the automotive factory. Covers production, logistics, warehouse, sales, finance & accounting, forecats & planning (MRP), Just-in-time deliveries, barcode labeling, EDI interfaces.

Traceability systems

SW development, deployment, implementation of finish goods, parts and people traceability in automotive factory production environment. Includes design and custom production of some hardware modules. Includes customer barcodes printing, product barcodes reading, RFID & WiFi technology.

Virtualization & High availability

Migration of physical HW servers to virtual environment (VMWARE). Implementation of high availability for key systems and optimization of other for fast disaster recovery.

Monitoring systems

Implementation of monitoring systems - HW servers, network infrastructure, WiFi VoIP phone system, software server-side services. Implementation of self-error-reporting principle to all software systems.

Network security

Implementation of antivirus software, firewalls, anti-spam system (Symantec, Cisco). Implementation of online encryption for mobile devices. Implementation of VPN networks.

Skills : SW development

Development of banking, accounting, online trading, ERP, EDI, traceability systems. Development of client / server software, desktop applications, server-side services. Development of eshops, community portals, high load website applications, intranets, frameworks, content management systems.

Application Software development, programming

Sybase PowerBuilder, Borland Delphi, Assembler, c++, Pascal, MS Visual Studio, Microsoft VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Win32 API, OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)

Web development

PHP, ASP (VBScript), Perl, JavaScript, XML, HTML, DHTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Ajax, Adobe Photoshop, Google Analytics, Google Search Console / Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdSense, memcache, xcache, bash scripting, nginx, Apache, IIS, ActiveX, SysUsage, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), LAMP

Database development

Oracle + PL/SQL, MS-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server) + Transact-SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, Sybase SQL Server, Microsoft Access, XML


  • English : Professional working proficiency
  • Czech : Native speaker
  • Slovak : Native speaker
  • German : Elementary proficiency


  • ERP systems development training in Japan (Himeji, Japan)
  • EDI systems implementation training in France (Paris, France)


SPŠE V Úžlabině

1992 - 1996 (4 years)  |  Prague, Czechia

Information Systems, Electronic Computer Systems.

Electrical Engineering school focused on computer technology, electronics, information technology and automation, secondary school, graduate.

Other skills & interests

Soft skills

  • Results-orientated, goal-oriented, play to win, finisher, strategist. Systematic and thorough.
  • Natural leader, supportive and motivating. Talent management & development. Team player / Team spirit.
  • Critical thinker / problem-solver. Innovator. Creativist. Multi-tasking. Stress resilience.
  • Business knowledge, 20+ years owning my own business (CEO).
  • Fast learner. Ability to learn quickly new technologies. Self-taught.
  • Skills in data analysis and drive fact based decisions.
  • Ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of people.
  • Experience to work in multinational companies (small to large).

Hard skills

  • Knowledge of automotive industry and production factories environment.
  • Knowledge of asset and property management business.
  • Knowledge of the banking and trading business.
  • Driving license (over 400 000 km).
  • Driving licence for motor boats, not limited in power.

Hobbies & interests